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Kirk Russell
Managing Broker

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Working With Kirk

" I've worked with Kirk in selling three of my investment properties and each time Kirk has performed professionally with a high degree of knowledge and integrity. I trust him implicitly. You can't go wrong with Kirk as your real estate agent, whether buying, selling, or avoiding foreclosure."

"Kirk was our agent when we first moved to the area based on a recommendation from our mortgage broker. He guided us through a number of possibilities and spent weeks helping us find the right home for our family. He met us after work day after day to make sure we were making the right choice. I really appreciated his expertise in the area and his ability to pick out the most important features of a property given our situation. I equally appreciated his ability to explain clearly where we were likely to make mistakes throughout the entire process. He demonstrated skills as a seasoned negotiator and kept our expectations realistic so that there were few surprises. A few years after moving into the home he had initially helped us purchase, we decided to move again to a different state due to work. We didn't hesitate to ask him to be our listing agent. Our timeline was short and our involvement in the later part of the selling process would be limited due to having to move so quickly. Needless to say, Kirk handled everything flawlessly and got us top $ for our neighborhood when we compared to homes seen on RedFin and Zillow. I couldn't be happier with the results of his negotiations with our buyers' agent. If you need an excellent negotiator with deep knowledge of real estate transactions and a knack for honest and clear communication, call Kirk."